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Why Choose Us?

We do things differently—on a number significant dimensions—all having to do with competence and providing a higher level of service.

First, we’re a team—an integrated broker force that fosters cooperation and support. Here, there’s always someone to help with your questions. Rather than attempting to hide and disguise our clients from other brokers in the office, fearing they will poach, we introduce our clients to other brokers. We want our clients to know they can talk to anyone in the office. Whenever they call, whoever answers the phone does their best to get them in touch with their broker or find the answer to their question themselves.

We support each other in many ways. We share market knowledge, developments and insights. We talk about what we are doing, our listings, our marketing, and how we might improve our efforts. We help each other with coaching and skills. We’re there to provide coverage when one of us is out of the office. We go out to dinner together and actually have a good time.

Another point of difference: we’re all full time brokers or working to that end, so we’re fully dedicated professionals, up to speed on the latest marketing and technology, fully informed as to what’s going on in the street.

Most of us are from somewhere else. While we’ve lived in Bandon for many years, decades even, we began our careers elsewhere. Our individual decisions to come to Bandon largely had to do with lifestyle considerations, and we then found a place for ourselves in real estate. Most of us began on a larger stage and so have a broader life and business background than does the typical real estate broker. As such, we have the experience to better understand, communicate, and help our out-of-town buyers with their real estate needs.

In the past you may have found that real estate brokers often have short attention spans. If the buyer or seller can’t make a decision within a relatively modest timeframe, brokers are quick to conclude the client “isn’t serious.”

We recognize that shopping for real estate in this market is difficult. Frequently, buyers feel “out of their ilk.” Bandon and Oregon are culturally new to them, and they wonder if this area will be a good fit. They wonder about amenities. They wonder if they’ll find friends. They struggle to find a home that meets their high standards.

Bandon is a terrific town and there’s more to it than at first meets the eye. However, in real estate, buying or selling is a process, and everyone has to find their comfort zone. Recognizing this, we take the time our clients need. We have long attention spans. We begin each day with the premise that we’re in a marathon, not a sprint.

What else makes us different?

We’re members of Leverage Global Partners, an elite, international, broker network of independent companies aligned to provide the very best customer service. We’re a “vetted partner.” Leverage interviewed us, researched us, and chose us as their exclusive partner on the southern Oregon coast. Leverage provides us with marketing support directed for the very best homes in the most exclusive markets.

We do all the marketing other firms do, but we do it better. We have better, more comprehensive advertising, and our website performs at or near the top of the search engine rankings for key search terms. We have superior market presence. Our signs dominate key traffic areas in Bandon. And we’re constantly looking to improve, to invest more in our business for the benefit of our clients.

There’s one final reason to choose us. We actually enjoy the business. As everyone knows, real estate has been a difficult environment over recent years. At Bandon Property Sales we’ve not only survived, but we’ve invested and prospered, and today we are the number one firm in Bandon real estate. And we’re all having a great time doing it, together.

We hope to see or hear from you soon.

Hunter Finch, Managing Partner