The Wizard of Oz in Bandon

Are you off to see the wizard?  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets to see the Bandon Playhouse’s production of “The Wizard of Oz,” it’s time to do it.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic fantasy story’s adaptation for stage, director Jeff Norris and producer Paul Hay (whose collaboration brought us “The Sound of Music” and “Steel Magnolias”) have gotten together again to bring the colorful characters to life on the Sprague Theater’s stage.

The show opened Thursday night, and the audience was treated to a full cast of characters, including innocent Dorothy, her loving aunt and uncle, floppy Scarecrow, sincere Tin Man, the cowardly Lion, a truly evil Wicked Witch, adorable munchkins, Toto, and everyone else you might expect.  It’s a well-cast musical; Dorothy sweetly sings our favorite “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and the munchkins do a great job with “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” and Scarecrow shows off his multiple talents with his rag-doll type dancing while singing “If I Only Had a Brain.”

Besides the lively characters in full costume, theatergoers will be treated to an amazingly built set, including Dorothy’s house, a two-story castle, and of course, the yellow brick road.  There are some exciting special effects as well.  A plume of red smoke precedes the Wicked Witch’s entrances, making her all the more scary.

Don’t miss out on seeing this fabulous show.  Put on your ruby slippers, close your eyes, and say “There’s no place like the Sprague Theater, there’s no place like the Sprague Theater, there’s no place like the Sprague Theater.”  Or, better yet, go to Pazaz Media’s website or to the Wizard in Bandon Facebook page for reserved seating tickets.  Tickets are also available at the door starting an hour before showtime.

“The Wizard of Oz” runs August the weekends of August 11-13, 17-20, and 24-27.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday showtimes are 7:00, and Sunday’s matinee begins at 2.

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