The Surprises in Langlois, Oregon (part 3)

Langlois, Oregon is a town whose surface just begs to be scratched.  Those wise enough to shop at the expansive market, eat locally at The Spoon Restaurant, and drink hand-roasted coffee at the Floras Creek Coffee Company quickly find the culture and depth just below the surface.  There’s even more of interest to be found in Langlois by looking beyond the few retail establishments.  The Dirt Divas of Valley Flora Farms grow and sell beautiful and tasty produce, windsurfers and kiteboarder ride the waves on Floras Lake, miles of hiking and mountain biking trails offer outdoor enthusiasts beautiful views, and the Langlois Cheese Factory building hosts interesting talks and live music and dancing.

Heading just under 2 miles east on Floras Creek Road on the south end of Langlois will take explorers to the 90 acre Valley Flora Farms.  Valley Flora is tucked into the Floras Creek Valley and is run by Betsy Harrison and her two daughters Abby and Zoe. It is a diversified family farm growing a huge variety of more than 100 fruits, vegetables, and berries sold to individuals, stores and restaurants in many towns on the South Coast.  Their farm stand opens sometime in April, depending on the weather, and offers all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  The produce changes with the season, so there’s no bad time to go!

One of the big draws to Langlois is the windsurfing and kiteboarding opportunities at Floras Lake down Floras Lake Loop Road.  Lessons and rentals are available through Floras Lake Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. There is ample wind for the sports, and many enthusiasts enjoy the lack of currents and tides at Floras Lake.  It is a fun spot for veterans and a great place for first-timers to learn.  The walk from the parking lot to the lake is quite lovely and is enjoyable for everyone, even those who have no desire to get wet.


Blacklock Point is a destination for hikers and mountain bikers looking for nice trails through the forest and outstanding ocean views.  The trailhead is located at the Langlois Airport about 5.5 south of town at the end of Airport Road.  There are enough trails, beaches, and views to keep one occupied for the majority of the day, so bring a lunch!

The somewhat enigmatic Langlois Cheese Factory is an open air barn built on the site of the historic and reputed cheese factory that burned down in 1957.  Today, it is a venue for local artists and bands as well as musicians on tour who stop by Langlois on their way to the coast.  Events there seem to be publicized through word of mouth, but they are by no means secret.  This hoppin’ place is located on scenic Allen Boice Drive.

The Cheese Factory was decorated for a wedding several years ago, and the decorations looked so good, the bride left them there for future audiences to enjoy!

Langlois might be a small town, but the library is far from small-time.  It is a center of activity.  Besides the thousands of books, magazines, movies, and other media of all kinds, the library has a full events calendar including authors’ talks, information on non-profits, book sales, and travel nights.

The Raincoast Art Gallery, located in town on the highway has had a fascinating collection of art of many genres since 1991, including masks, textiles, jewelry, and pottery.  Regional artisans are featured, including owners Carol Waxham and Thomas Medlin.

There’s much more to see and do in Langlois, Oregon!  For more ideas and information about Langlois, check

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