Our Team

Hunter Finch, Managing Partner & Principal Broker

Never did I imagine myself living on the Oregon coast; never, that is, until April of 1999 when I rented a house on the Bandon beach.

I grew up on the East Coast, entering the advertising business after graduating college, and worked for a Park Avenue firm most of my career. My job was to direct client relations and strategic direction for major brands of Fortune 500 companies, including Procter & Gamble, Quaker Oats, Nestle´, and Kraft, among others. In my last position I held the title of Executive Vice President/General Manager of a divisional San Francisco office of a large global agency.

It was a great experience. I learned much about people, business, and marketing. I learned much about myself as well. I learned, for example, I didn’t want to spend my life in advertising.

I chose Bandon because I was looking for a small, rural coastal town, where I could relax, reflect, and work on a novel I had started while still in advertising in Los Angeles.

The first year passed quickly. I adopted a dog. We both liked it here. I chose to take another year off. I was studying for my real estate license when I met a woman. We adopted a second dog. Then we had horses. Then we were married, and I knew I would never return to the so called “glamour” of the big city.

Moving to Bandon has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Life on the southern Oregon coast is a wonderful, healthy change in so many respects. It is a beautiful, clean environment, fundamentally grounded in the elemental basics of Nature.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is having the effect of catapulting this tiny coastal village into national prominence. It won’t, in my opinion, turn us into a condo village. The town will remain quaint, with some of the best beaches and scenery around. It’s even a bit raw and wild in some respects. But the resort has, and will continue, to draw wealth and more discriminating buyers to our area, to discover not just the resort, but so much more Bandon has to offer as well.

I opened my own real estate office in 2006. There was an untapped need, I felt—true for buyers and sellers alike—for a brokerage that specializes in special properties; higher-end, unique homes, ranches and businesses, that deserve a higher level of service.

I’ve been fortunate that my marketing skills, honed over two decades at some of the top advertising agencies, have been a valuable asset in the real estate business. An “A” type work ethic, dedication, the highest ethical standards, and a high degree of empathy have also proved helpful, making me one of the top multi-million producers in the area.

I specialize in distinctive homes, farms and ranches, and commercial and development properties. Bandon is the nexus of my focus, though I travel broadly on the southern Oregon coast in search of premium properties and excellent values.

I can be reached on my cell phone at 541-404-5888 and via email at

Wes Paterson, Broker

I’ve known Wes since 2003 when he appeared in my office in search of real estate. Over the past ten years, Wes has bought and sold city lots, rural acreage, two rental homes, and the Sea Crest Motel in Port Orford through me. He is a very experienced and savvy real estate investor.

Born and raised in Southern California, he has a keen sense of what people from there are like and how to service their business needs.

Wes has had a diversity of business experiences, some very right brain driven, and some more left brain.

He has written music for advertising and independent films. He has performed as lead vocalist for numerous bands. He has owned and operated music retail and rental stores.

Wes has also been an estate appraiser and consignor of vintage and antique items, the owner of an Oregon motel, a finished carpenter who designs and builds custom home interiors, and is a electronic technician and low voltage wiring designer.

While he appears calm, cool and relaxed, I suspect he is really an A Type.

Wes has built a house in Sansaria, where he now lives full time. He was recently licensed and so is technically a “new” broker, but he comes with a wealth of relevant experience, high energy and strong work ethic, and he will do an excellent job for you.