Piece by Piece: Mosaic Art at the Bandon Library

The first art show at the Bandon Library this summer is the 3rd Annual Mosaic Show entitled “Piece by Piece: Finding Inspiration in Materials.”  As always in the library art shows, several artists are local and regional, but this 3rd annual show includes artists from a wide area, including Australia and France.

The word mosaic has its origins in the Greek word mouseious meaning “belonging to the Muses,” therefore artistic.  Mosaics were first created primarily in churches, mosques and other buildings on walls and floors starting around 3000 BC.  In recent years, however, it has become a more widely practiced art form practiced by both professional and amateur artists. Artists often create colorful tiles, but any surface can be covered.  Mosaics are typically made from small bits of stone, glass, or tile arranged to make pictures, portraits, or designs.

In “Piece by Piece,” curated by Bandon’s Tracy Hodson, viewers will see a collection of mosaic art from the abstract to jewelry and crafts.  The pieces are made from materials ranging from Venetian glass, beads, stained glass, and a variety of upcycled items.  Most of the artwork on display is for sale, and some of the artists do commission work.

Each piece is unique, colorful, and beautiful, but some are particularly striking.  The head of an animal is hung on the wall, and as it is made with bits of mirror, the light bounces off of it and reflects onto the wall in a pleasant pattern.  Another, made with almost entirely rectangular bits of glass, ceramic tile, and mirror in various grays and silvers, is a beautiful representation of an iconic scene on one of our Bandon beaches.

The artists participating not only make their own beautiful works.  They are collaborating on a group mosaic project they will submit to a public art project in Washington State.


The art in the Bandon Library Art Gallery is sponsored by the Bandon Library Friends and Family (BLFF) whose priority is to make our library excellent.  The shows last for one or two months and typically feature local and regional artists.

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