Dreamscapes Art Show at the Bandon Library

Bandon photographer and painter John Butler and members of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club are the featured artists in “Dreamscapes”, the newest art show in the Bandon Library Art Gallery, for the months of January and February.


For the “Dreamscapes” exhibit, the cases in the lobby of the library building are filled with the careful and beautiful woodwork of six representatives of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club.  The non-profit club meets in Coos Bay monthly when they share their ideas and help each other with projects.  Their collection of beautiful and almost mystical magic wands, plates, bowls, pots, vases, and even a shaving razor are on display.


Several pieces embrace aspects of the South Coast with the stones, myrtle wood, and a plate featuring a local lighthouse.


The walls in the hallway are covered with the oil paintings of John Butler, a Bandon resident and west coast native.  Born and raised in California’s Bay Area, he spent time in Hawaii before moving to our fair town.  His Dreamscapes art captures our imagination, and with an intriguing mix of real scenes and blends of colors, shapes, and forms, we are reminded of dreams that vacillate between the realistic and the bizarre.


As with most art, “Dreamscapes” is best experienced in person than in type, so be sure to experience it for yourself before the end of February.  The art in the Bandon Library lobby gallery is sponsored by the Bandon Library Friends and Family (BLFF) who make it their job to make our library excellent.  The shows last for one or two months and typically feature local artists.


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